Lecture related resources

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Figure 2. Online Java programming tutorial Slide presentation Create comment in forum
Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Video tutorials, related source code examples, registration required.

Bradley Kjell's Introduction to Computer Science using Java

Original English version and German translation.

Figure 3. Unix and the terminal Slide presentation Create comment in forum
UNIX shell introduction

Figure 4. Online programming, automated feedback Slide presentation

No registration required.

  • Hunt for Challenges within page.

  • Registration required.


Figure 5. Online programming I Slide presentation Create comment in forum

Problem list.


Programming tasks (including solutions for multiple languages).


Daily Programmer.

Figure 6. Online programming II Slide presentation
Project Euler

You will have to register without requiring an E-Mail. This is only intended to provide a profile for keeping track of your exercises' status. The following exercises are meant to be useful with respect to the current lectures and have in part been added as regular exercises to these lecture notes as well:

1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11.

Java Programming Tutorial

Basic and more difficult exercises

Java Programming Exercises

Take the easier exercises.

Figure 7. Java Visualizer Slide presentation Create comment in forum


Help understanding a Java program's internal memory management: Stack and heap

Credits to David Pritchard et. alt.

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Accessing code being discussed during the lectures.

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Figure 11. Virtualbox™ settings Slide presentation Create comment in forum
  1. Settings below General --> Advanced allow for text exchange between host and guest.

  2. Display --> Screen --> Video Memory should be set to maximum possible value.

  3. Network --> AdapterX --> Advanced --> Adapter type should be set to Paravirtualized Network (virtio-net).

  4. Install the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack on your host system allowing for e.g. exchanging files between host and guest.

  5. Performance problems: Consider solution-for-slow-ubuntu-in-virtualbox and the referenced collection of screenshots.