List of Exercises

Table 5. Exercises in Structured Data and Applications 1
Chapter Exercise
No. Title Status of completion
Prerequisites 1 Airlines, airports and flights
Introduction to XML 2 Single and double attribute value quotes
3 A graphical representation of a memo.
4 CDATA usage limitation
Beyond well- formedness 5 Representing extended <memo> instances
6 Validation of memo document instances.
7 An XML schema representing invoices
8 Airline meta information by XML schema
9 Product catalog schema
10 A schema for editing books
11 Book documents with mixed content and itemized lists
12 book.xsd and languages
13 Supporting <table> and internal references in book.xsd.
DOM 14 A sub structured <title>
15 Visualizing XML document elements
16 Reminder to functional programming elements in Java™.
17 Creating HTML output
18 Cleaning up HTML.
19 Verification of referenced images readability
20 HTML internal reference verification
21 Namespace / elements statistics
Accessing Relational Data 22 Why <scope>runtime</scope>?
23 Exception on inserting objects
24 Interactive inserts, connection properties, error handling and unit tests
25 Avoiding intermediate SQL file export
26 Interfaces and classes in JDBC
27 Closing JDBC™ connections
28 Driver dispatch mechanism
29 Attack from the dark side
30 Using regular expressions in Java
31 Input validation by regular expressions
32 Prepared Statements to keep the barbarians at the gate
33 Getter methods and type conversion
34 Handling NULL values.
35 Reversing XML to Rdbms
36 Generating HTML from both XML and relational input data
37 JDBC™ and transactions
37 Isolation level 1 vs. 2
39 Aborted transactions
Getting started with JPA 40 Database server limitations
41 Persisting lecture instances
42 Exporting XML catalog data using JPA.
MongoDB 43 Mongo Shell CRUD operations