Basic configuration

The MI department has already set up a DNS service for But regarding upcoming exercises we want to configure additional host aliases. Follow the subsequently described approach to achieve this goal:

  • Setting up an additional name server on one of your virtual machines.

  • Configure any test client hosts (e.g. your local machine) to use your DNS server.

Consider the example virtual machine / hosting a DNS server. It should provide at least the following data:

Primary name server for domain

Host name. and

CNAME aliases.

All host names (albeit not yet existing) should point to one of your two virtual machines. This requires setting up both a forward and a reverse zone file.


  1. The named-checkzone command helps you to check for your two zone files' correctness

  2. The named-checkconf command checks for your configuration's overall correctness.

  3. You may use the nslookup command to query your DNS server. The set type=ns option allows to query for the domain's primary name server.