Import XML instances into RDBMS


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Write a Java application reading <company> document instances and writing <department> elements among with their hierarchical structure and <member> entries to a relational database. Do not consider <project> related data at all. Hints:

  • de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sda1.Company2Rdbms contains JDBC related connection parameters and boilerplate code.

  • Upon invocation class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sda1.Driver instantiates de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sda1.Company2Rdbms thereby:

    • Reading and parsing Schema/sampledata.xml.

    • Open a database connection to your local PostgreSQL server.


Pre- create your database schema from your last task's Schema/schema.sql using the IDE prior to running your application. Implement the subsequently mentioned features. Each section adds points to your marking. Using PreparedStatement instances should be preferred. Idea:

  1. Get all top level <department> entries first.

  2. From each top level <department> recurse to <department> children actually using JDBC to insert your data.

  3. Allow for multiple invocations: Import conflicts (i.e. duplicate lectures or marks) should create informal warnings but your application should try to continue anyway.

  • Executing de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sda1.Driver calls de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sda1.Company2Rdbms.execute() already containing both your XML instance's root element and a database connection handle.

  • Even if your application just fills in e.g. (only top level) <department> values excluding <member> data you'll receive points. Also partly meaningful but not fully working code may contribute.

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