Marking criteria / Hints

  1. You are expected to work as a team of three partners.

  2. Your team is expected to use the MI Gitlab server. You should commit regularly rather than e.g. one big chunk at the project's end so that your project's progress and the individual participant's contributions become reasonable.

    Choose a combination of year, sda1 and your alphabetically sorted login names as base name for the git repository e.g.:


  3. You are expected to provide good internal code documentation with respect both to method signatures (Javadoc) and method implementation.

  4. You are expected to provide meaningful unit tests at least for your application logic. Automated GUI tests like in Vaadin: Developing JUnit Tests are a plus.

  5. Java Code Coverage for Eclipse or similar on top of (unit) testing is a plus.

  6. Your resulting project should be easily installable / runnable like:

    • mvn package; java -jar ... (Command line, no Eclipse / IntelliJ / whatsoever).

    • Possible post execution of some SQL schema creating script

    • Well written installation documentation.

    • Test the deployment yourself!

  7. There will be an oral examination verifying active project participation and complete project understanding for each individual participant.