Project Docbook CMS.

Implement a Vaadin based mini CMS managing Docbok 5 (not Docbook 4!) document instances. The XMLmind editor allows for easy editing of such documents. Consider the following example screenshot:

Figure 942. Editing a Docbok 5 document using the XMLMind editor. Create comment in forum
Editing a Docbok 5 document using the XMLMind editor.

The underlying XML code mirrors some relevant meta information:

<book version="5.1" xmlns=""
    <title>Project summer 2016</title> 
      <personname><firstname>Martin </firstname><surname>Goik</surname></personname> 
        <orgname>HdM Stuttgart</orgname> 
      <title>Starting <productname>Vaadin</productname></title>
      <para>More work to be done!</para>
Document meta data:

The document's main title

The author's name and surname

The author's affiliation

Date of publication

Desired functionality:

  • User self registration by choosing a unique email and password.

  • Uploading of Docbok 5 single file instances to a Mysql database thereby extracting relevant meta information to be stored along with the document.

  • Document search facility by author ownership or meta data (may be overlapping).

  • Deletion of document instances.

  • n:1 relationship between document instances and corresponding owners.

  • Checkout (download) of instances to the local file system.

  • Use JPA rather than plain JDBC. You may as well use the Vaadin JPA container.

  • Optional plus: On the fly generation of PDF using XSL-FO based on the Docbok 5 style sheets using Apache FOP.

Implementation based on the Vaadin UI framework.