Examination Maven Intellij IDEA import and project upload.

Lecture notes exercise solutions are being provided as Maven projects below P/Sd1 by the MI Gitlab repository. Comparing them to your own solution requires importing into your IDE.

Moreover the final examination and some exercises require importing Maven skeleton projects to start from. The general procedure during an examination with respect to programming components is:

Figure 57. Programming projects in examinations Slide presentation Create comment in forum
  1. Start an ILIAS programming task.

  2. Download a skeleton project e.g. exam.zip.

  3. Unzip exam.zip and import the resulting folder Exam into IntelliJ.

  4. Implement and test the desired features.

  5. Zip up your project folder Exam to e.g. solution-1.zip.

  6. Upload solution-1.zip into ILIAS.

The subsequent screenshots describe these steps in detail.