LDIF export and import

This section is intended to get acquainted with LDIF representation of LDAP data and requires successful completion of Populating the DIT as a prerequisite. You may want to read http://www.zytrax.com/books/ldap/ch8.

exercise No. 2

Exporting, modifying and importing LDAP data using the LDIF interchange representation.


Export your current database state being left from Populating the DIT to an LDIF text file.

Subsequently use this database dump file as a starting point to create a LDIF import file adding a department pr (public relations) containing a user Paul Simon with suitable attribute values to the dataset.


Adding the new entries in question requires:

version: 1

	      dn: ou=pr,dc=hdm-stuttgart,dc=de
	      objectClass: top
	      objectClass: organizationalUnit
	      ou: pr

	      dn: uid=simon,ou=pr,dc=hdm-stuttgart,dc=de
	      objectClass: posixAccount
	      objectClass: top
	      objectClass: person
	      objectClass: organizationalPerson
	      cn: Paul Simon
	      gidNumber: 130
	      homeDirectory: /home/tauras
	      sn: Svetlana
	      uid: tauras
	      uidNumber: 1028