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Address - Class in de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat
A single address record holding a representation as being described in AddressDataHandler(String)
Address(String, int) - Constructor for class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.Address
Initializing from an address string obeying the description given in AddressDataHandler(String).
Address2text - Class in de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat
Format address data as ordinary text
Address2text() - Constructor for class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.Address2text
Address2textFormatter - Class in de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat
Formatting Address records
Address2textFormatter() - Constructor for class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.Address2textFormatter
AddressDataHandler - Class in de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat
Reading address data from text file data source.
AddressDataHandler(String) - Constructor for class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.AddressDataHandler
Parsing text file address data having the following format:
addresses - Variable in class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.AddressDataHandler
Available address records.
AddressFormatter - Interface in de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat
Formatting Address records.
AddressParseError - Exception in de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat
Address data files may contain corrupted entries
AddressParseError(String, int) - Constructor for exception de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.AddressParseError


de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat - package de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat
Formatting address records


main(String[]) - Static method in class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.Address2text


printAddresses(PrintStream, AddressFormatter) - Method in class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.AddressDataHandler
Format the set of address records and write the result to a stream.
printHead(PrintStream) - Method in class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.Address2textFormatter
printHead(PrintStream) - Method in interface de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.AddressFormatter
When formatting an address list this method will be called exactly once initiating output to the head section.
printRecord(Address, PrintStream) - Method in class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.Address2textFormatter
printRecord(Address, PrintStream) - Method in interface de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.AddressFormatter
This method will be called for each address record.
printTail(PrintStream) - Method in class de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.Address2textFormatter
printTail(PrintStream) - Method in interface de.hdm_stuttgart.mi.sd1.htmlformat.AddressFormatter
When formatting an address list this method will be called at last to finish output generation of the tail section.
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All Classes and Interfaces|All Packages|Serialized Form